The story of MD Moshiur Rahman, Owner Of Orient Gallery (Total Furniture Solution)




Three decades ago, while visiting the Otobi Furniture Pavilion at an international trade fair, the idea of establishing a factory similar to what I saw in the skilled furniture artisans’ work deeply resonated in my mind. With the changing times and intense determination, we have succeeded in creating an institution like Orient Gallery, which is currently known for providing a comprehensive furniture solution



Orient Gallery furniture is a fully integrated manufacturer concentrating on two key segments of the contract market : Executive table,Executive chair,Visitor chair,Home Furniture,School furniture,Wooden Furniture,Computer chair,table,sofa set,Hospital furniture,Interior decoration.Orient Gallery was stablest 2005 out of a desire to bring a unique costumer oriented approach to the contract marketplace . Our company provides strong design that that excel at meeting all core requirements, together with a hag array of option,choices price point and scales so Orient Gallery costumer can specify the best possible solution .we are recognized as a market leader in the quality ,design and engineering of health care sating product ,focusing on a wide range of lounge and occasional seating design thousand of Orient Gallery product insulation are in use throughout Bangladesh. Every Orient Gallery product is supported by an industry leading warranty and dedication to outstanding costumer service . orient Gallery is a privately held ISO Certified Manufacturer that embraces lean manufacturing and is fully committed to environmentally positive practices in all areas and activating. Orient Gallery manufacturing principals target continuous improvement ,reducing waste using less energy and making more efficient use of space and materials. Orient Gallery environmental commitment is in short to continually reused our impact on the environment . to this end we use sustainable ,environmentally friendly materials and processes, and  minimize our use nonrenewable resource.